Winning the game by strategy? Yes, you can!


Slots with strategy

The in 2012 founded gaming software company Elk Studios, has developed slot games especially for mobile device players.  They offer slots like Bloopers, Taco Brothers Electric Sam and so on. All these slots have a certain amount of comparability when it comes to game strategy.

A lot of people are sceptic towards winning by using game strategies. They claim that slots aren’t possible to influence because of the random number generation software. True, but not totally! There are some betting strategies that can help you accentuating winning streaks and buffering losses. It’s not about calculating your (amount of) wins, but about calculate to adapt your wagers!

If you have played slots before, you will have the experience that you change your amount of bet once and a while as part of your game strategies, depending on how much you’re winning or losing. The betting systems of Elk Studios automatically adjust your wager to your wins, losses and bankroll percentage; to your chosen bet and game strategies. So each betting strategy represents a different betting pattern, you can change while playing. You can use your betting strategies in every slots game you’d like to play. An extra tip out front; because of the system automatically change your wager, you can use the autoplay function in every game!











Overall there are 4 strategy’s available for playing slots.

Jumper: This kind of game strategies increases with every winning round. The limit is four levels or more above your base wager level; if you reach this limit, they will automatically guide you back to base lever whenever you’re losing a round. Off course, this measure  ensures that succeeding losses will not be too risky.

Leveller: Your wager will increase two steps if you lose five rounds and with losing every 5 rounds extra, your bet will increase two steps further. Leveller is developed as a negative progression betting system; you can recuperate losses when you do win a round, but, when you finally win, your bet level is already reset to its base value. Nice add to your game strategies!

Booster; This simply increases your bet one step by every loss you have, limited by 4 levels above your base wager. Because this is also a part of negative progression betting, your bet level will return to your base level if winning a round.

Optimizer;  A little more exclusive betting system that is only available in three  games ( Bloopers, Poltave, DJ Wild). In this system, your bet level will change according to how you perform. It’s adjusting to the percentage of wins and losses your having throughout playing. Use all of your game strategies for optimal performance!

The best strategy?
There is no ‘best’ strategy. You can choose the one that works best for you, based on your personal preferences. Make sure you develop a nice series of game strategies so you can use them!

Enjoy playing these fun slots, and find out if you are the lucky winner!

Guide Blackjack Strategy
Would you like to play one of the most popular table games? Read on for our tips and tricks!

The goal is simple; as a player, you need to obtain a card value of 21 points. Less is a possibility for winning (if you’re the one closest tot 21), but with more points you’ve lost the round. Off course, this game is also about being lucky of getting the right cards. But with strategy you can increase your chance of besting the dealer and win yourself some nice prizes.

At first the dealer hands over 2 cards, face up, and 2 cards to himself, with one face op and one face down. The player will ask the dealer for another card, or the player keeps the cards he holds. Also, players can ask the dealer to hit or stand, to double down or split.

There are a few blackjack variants you can choose to play; the standard online blackjack is the most popular, just as ‘switch blackjack’ where players can place two bets instead of one, and receive 2 separate hands; this doubles the chances of winning. The live dealer blackjack is offering the player a very realistic game because you get to interact with your dealer. Other popular blackjack versions with different betting styles and hands are 21 and multi hand blackjack.

As we said before; a strategy for blackjack isn’t the solution to win the game. However, you can learn how you can make the best decisions based on the hand that is dealt. Overall there are 340 possible combinations as a players hand, so knowing and using strategy is very important to raise your chances of winning.

An item that will certainly be helpful to you is the blackjack strategy chart. Players use this chart for checking the possible combinations of a players hand, so they can decides what’s the next step. If you’re putting in the effort to memorise this chart, it will help you to perfect future strategies. Some nice information for you to have about Blackjack strategies we think.













Besides the rules, and game strategies chart, it is also helpful for your strategy to gather a little knowhow about the best opportunities. There are 2 options available; flat bets, that are keeping a consistent bankroll but decreases the chances of winning, and the progressive bets, by which players can increase their wager amounts and bankroll more quickly.

Once you understand the blackjack rules, play demo versions of blackjack online and try out your new learned strategies. Managed your new blackjack strategy? Dare yourself and join a real blackjack table game!


Guide to Caribbean Stud Poker game Strategies
In this game, players are playing against the house (instead of against other players). Because of that, a poker face can’t be used in this game. Compared to regular poker games, strategy can be very effective at this game.

The game is played at a table very similar to the blackjack table; the game has a 52 card deck and each player has 2 spots for their ante and bet. All player need to place an ante and can also place an optional progressive side bet. When al the players made their ante bets, the dealer gives every player and himself 5 cards. Before you can get a look on your hand, the dealer will reveal the highest card in his hand. With the information you check your own hand, and decide if you wish to fold or raise; By folding, you decide to skip the round.

If you decide you have a good set of cards, you can place an extra bet, which is double the amount placed in your ante bet.

If all players have decided on fold or raise, the dealer will reveal his hand to you, and tries to ‘qualify’;(winning by having the best hand) he arrange the cards in the highest ranking of order,  and any hand that is lower than an ace king means the dealer cannot qualify and the players are in favour. If you play and win, you’ll receive the same amount to the ante bet of the others, as well as a pay off on their side bets. If you lose, the house will take your ante and side bet. A good one to add to your game strategies!

House edge
House edge is a term for the mathematical advantage that the online casino earns on you as a player. The house edge is a reassurance for return on the online casino and an assured los on the players bets. That way, the lower the house edge, the more players will gain from their wagers. In this game the house edge is around 5%. Remember to add this one to your set of game strategies.

This game has a wide range of players because the mathematical chances of winning; in the 56% of time the dealer will qualify, players still have a 50% chance to beat the dealer and can have a potential payout as 100 to 1!

Caribbean poker strategy
A good strategy will help the player improve his chance of winning and to reduce the house edge. The most important is to decide whether fold or raise. In general, players should never fold a higher hand rank than they are dealt, and should fold anything less than an Ace King.

Players should raise if they hold a card that matches the dealers face up card, and have an Ace-King. The Ace King-Queen combination or Ace King- Jack combination plus  a matching face up dealer card, are definitely the card combinations for a raise!

A combination of a Ace King or Queen with 2 other cards, one higher than the dealers face-up card, asks for playing a higher wager.

If there are no card  combinations as described above, the player should always decide to fold.

For the beginning player there is an easier strategy to begin with; new players should place a bet if they own a card combination as Ace King, Jack, 8, 3, as their hand or better. If they haven’t this exact combination they should fold. This is one of the basic game strategies.

Progressive jackpot strategy
Players are advised to place a side bet only if the amount of the progressive jackpot is high enough. There’s no fixed limit, but you can remember this as one of the game strategies; a lower progressive jackpot is equal to a higher house edge.

Besides a lucky hand, if you’re able to understand the probabilities of an outcome, you can adjust your amount of bets during a game. Also, taking advantage of game strategies, you’ll be able to reduce the house edge. Last but not least; you will know when to raise or fold and when you should place a progressive side bet. All in your favour!

The strategies require some mental efforts, which you can learn best by practicing the game. So practice as much as you can before playing for real money. Ready for the real money; use your practiced game strategies and increase your chance of winning!

Guide to Roulette Betting Strategy’s
“Roulette’ is a French term for ‘little wheel” and that’s what this game is all about. Despite you can’t influence on where the ball lands, you certainly can play by a strategy to increase your chance of winning. Another one to add to your set of game strategies!

However the roulette game is quite easy to play, people have managed to develop some complex game strategies, which you can use if you understand the base rules of Roulette.

First you have to decide which wheel is right for you; in general. You can choose between French or American roulette. In French roulette the numbers run from 0-36 in black and red, the zero number is always in green. Because the house edge amounts to 2.7%, this variant is the most favourable by players. American roulette differs because of it’s double zero, with numbers run from 0-38. Consequence is an house edge amounts to 5.26%. This game requires also greater minimum betting stakes and have higher limits.












How to play?
When players place their bets, they have different options; they can place an inside or outside bet, on an even or odd number and have the choice between the red or black colour.  After all the bets are made, the dealer spins the wheel and drops the ball. When the wheel stops spinning you can see in which slot the ball has landed.

Betting strategies
There are various algorithms tested throughout the years, to help develop a strategy for players. Besides focus and knowledge of a strategy, you also need to have a little understanding of mental arithmetic’s. Players developed 4 general game strategies;

1 Martingale; When you have some losses and then your finally on winning hands, you should double your original bet. If you’re going to win, your bet is hopefully high enough to compensate your earlier losses. Remember to start low and maintain your personal limit. If you win a round, your bet lowers to the original amount. These game strategies are used often.

2 Reverse martingale; With this game strategies you double your bets at every win in an attempt to use the house money to make your bets. The advice is to place bets on groups of numbers; all on one colour, all on even or odds etc. You can make larger bets if you play repeaters that helps maintain winning streaks. In the list of game strategies this is a common high ranked one.

3. Fibonacci; This variant is safer in compare to the other strategies. Fibonacci numbers are numbers in the following sequence, called the Fibonacci sequence. In essence: Every number after the first two is the sum of the two preceding ones. An example: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144 and so on.

Having a win on any moment while playing, will recoup some of the loses you’ve had. These are complex game strategies, so you might want to start simple.

4. D’Alembert; Here it comes down to a negative progressive strategy; if you have yourself a win, you reduce your bet by a unit (so you don’t go back to your base bet like in the Martingale strategy). Your deciding on your unit depending on the rate you’ve set in the beginning. The wins will almost never by extremely high, but this strategy offers you enjoyable wins with minimal risk.

However roulette is a game of probability; each number has an equal chance of being the winning number, it is important to know how you place your bets and keeping focus on the game. In time, you can please larger bets with more chance of winning, and decrease your loses. Just use one of your new  game strategies!

Play roulette online
Because of the real live interaction on the roulette table, is this game a real social experience. Some casinos offer special games for beginners with virtual bankrolls on free demos, so you can try out different game strategies and systems first. If you’re a beginner, you should try first a French or European table for new players. And if you’re looking for a little more challenge, join the American wheel!

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