Online gambling

The big business of online gambling;

online gambling is becoming more popular every day!


Nowadays the internet is a huge part of our daily lives, we almost can’t live without anymore. The way we communicate, shop, and overall living our lives has all changed with the development of the World Wide Web.

Because of the internet, once small online gambling sites expanded to more than a hundred different websites full of online gambling content, serving online players all over the world. Also not to forget the millions of dollars the business makes every year. The internet offers players to play their favourite games online, whenever and wherever they like. Developed live games such as blackjack or roulette, with real interactions between players or between player and dealer.

Online casinos are easy to access on your computer or even on your mobile device. The games have the same bright colours, music and ambiance as a landed casino.

The first online gambling tools were developed around 1994; the nation of Antigua and Barbuda passed the terms of the Free Trade & Processing act; the terms require licenses could be granted to companies  with intentions to start online casino business. The online gaming industry is booming ever since.

Not every form of online gambling developed  the same or at the same time. We will present a general overview from the history of gambling aspects.

History of Major Gambling websites
Present day there are so many online gambling sites to choose from. Some of these companies have established themselves among a huge amount of players and non-players. Like eurocasino, established since 2002 they welcomed more than XXX players around the world. But also some of the sites who have entered the market later in its development have set strong reputations. Of course there are also companies who have tried to take over the market but failed and had to close down.







When you look at the overall history of online gambling, there are a few sites in particular which had a great influence on the gambling industry. The stories behind this successful online gambling site are quite interesting to read.

Development of online Gambling Technology Companies
Some companies provide software to many of the biggest online gambling sites. Eurocasino has contracts with a lot of fine companies, such as Amaya, Blueprint gaming, NetEnt and Microgaming  to reassure high quality gamesoftware. Because of their innovation and creativity, some companies produced software of  great influence on the way online gambling had been developed further in time.

The path of online casinos
Online casinos were the first form of online gaming available. In 1994, a company named ‘Microgaming’ claimed to be the first at providing a real money online casino, called ‘The Gaming Club”. However, other companies also claim to be the first one in developing a real money online casino. For example the company Cryptologic, launched ‘Intercasino” which is one of the longest existing  online casinos, still active present day.

Regardless of who came first; both companies tribute greatly to the further development of technology required to improve the online games and financial systems for costumer transactions.

If you are a regular player from the 90’s till now, you have experienced the development of the online gambling services. But if you’re a new player and look back at the software in the 90’s, you’ll be at least heavily disappointed. The range of games was very limited and a lot of fun and facilitate functions didn’t exist in the early beginning of online gambling. Nowadays there’s a expanded range of different games and all the functions are developed to serve the player at its finest.

Different companies who offered online gambling found out very quickly it was a highly competitive business with everyone wanting to be the biggest and best online provider. The competitive state was the main cause of the quick development of software and additional features. Progressive jackpots, multiplayer games, table games and themed slots; all very popular games who attracted great number of players over time. Of course, some people had a little distrust in this new popular business, because they were afraid of unfair game; manipulating the games or messing up the results. Present day it is proven that live casinos are fairly common places online. Like the live stream table games that euro casino offers; players can watch live videos of dealers and see their hands so they can check fair play themselves while playing a game.

More recent developed, is the possibility to play online games on your mobile device; Smartphone or tablet. Playing on mobile device is very popular because people can play at any place they like; they don’t require to sit behind a computer anymore. Because of their software it doesn’t matter on which device you’ll play eurocasino games; you’ll experience the same quality of sound and images on every device!


Online sports betting; then and now
Right after the development of the first online casino’s there was another new online game offered; the online sports betting. In 1996, Intertops was the first site who offered this new possibility, and soon other companies followed. Gamblers all around the world were making online bets on sporting events, so, the popularity of sports betting grew more every day and the industry was expanding quickly. What started as a small online offer in sports bets, became a huge competitive business. All different companies that offered their own bets, bonuses and cash backs; everything to persuade people placing bets at their company.

In 2000 a new and different kind of sports betting was presented by Betfair; instead of taking bets from the costumers, players had the possibility to place bets between themselves, called ‘peer-to-peer’ betting. It was popular immediately and is remaining popular until this day.

Development follow up fast because in 2002 the first live sports betting were offered with also instant success immediately. Present day there is a massive range of sport events customers can place their bets and watch the sports games live on their computer or mobile device. However the traditional forms of betting are not completely out of the picture, the online betting system is first choice for almost every player.

Online poker history
Planet Poker became the first to offer online poker on January 1st, 1998. However, soon other operators entered the market and became much more successful in attracting players. In 1999, Paradise Poker was founded and offered much more advanced technology and (now) popular games like Seven Card Stud and Omaha, in addition to Texas Hold’em. Again one year later, Dutch Boyd launched Poker Sport, the first site that offered online tournaments. Because they had a number of problems with customer payments, the company only lasted until 2001.









In 2001, 3 new players entered the online market; Party Poker, Poker Stars and UltimateBet. They began to offer running tournaments presented in live events. One year later Party Poker and Poker stars begin to rise in popularity, by offering televised poker. This new addition attracted larger audiences, probably because of the introduction of card cameras, by which people could have a good look on each card in the players hand. And because of their big advertising campaign, both companies grew got popular by launching the World Championship of Online Poker.

The man who had had the largest impact on online poker was the winner of the World Series in 2003; Chris Moneymaker. He had won entry into the WSOP by playing a Poker Stars tournament, with a value of only 40 dollar. He made everybody dream of winning the big money by investing a low amount bet, something that is really possible by playing at eurocasino; their amazing amount jackpots are in reach for just a little bit of money investment!

Poker was (and is) popular all around the world, but most in the United States, where the games were legalised in 2006. This legalisation, known as the ‘Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act’ (UIGEA), created a lot of confusion among the players and online gambling companies, such that many poker sites and other gambling sites closed their doors for the American customers.

However, the last few years online poker games are still popular. At eurocasino many players enjoy themselves with the great range of poker games offered to them.