Online gambling Holland

Online Gambling is booming in Holland!

There are a lot of great advantages in online playing. Check these out below!


Online gambling sites in Holland
Online you will find an amazing amount of online gambling sites that contain the Dutch language. Eurocasino is one of the most extended gambling sites that contains also the Dutch language. Unfortunately some owners of online casino websites have no licence yet  to build Dutch websites for online gambling. That’s why their websites mostly have a foreign web address. Despite that fact, they are very happy to welcome Dutch players on their online gambling sites. To overcome possible language problems, they are offering their games, game explanation and all other  important information, in the Dutch language.











Officially, online gambling in Holland is illegal. The Dutch government provides no licences yet to any online gambling owners. However, the government is going towards a change of plans, and probably in 2017 they will start by legalising online gambling in Holland. There were legalising plans before, but unfortunately they were never executed.

According to the Dutch Law of Gambling (WOK) is owning a gambling site illegal, so a lot of company’s move to country’s like Malta or Gibraltar, where the government has legalised online gambling already. With country’s differ in legalising, it makes it difficult for the governments to continue their prohibited gambling rules. Eurocasino has received a license provided by the Malta Game authority, so you can play their games on a totally legal base.

A difficulty that’s going to rise when the government decides to legalize gambling is the following; the Gambling authority (KSA) will sell different licenses, attached to sports bets, and table games such as roulette and blackjack, but also different licenses for slots and bingo. However, it’s the companies themselves that have to make an investment in receiving these different licenses. Like Eurocasino, who  has put a lot of effort to receive an official license for all the games they offer to players!

The goal in law changing, suggested by the Gambling on a Distant- organisation, is to realise 80% of canalisation within three years after legalising online gambling. They hope to reach an 80% players that use legalised sites to play their online games. Legal Dutch gambling sites will hold taxes automatically.

All this seems a disadvantage for the Dutch player, but it’s really not; the advantage that comes with legalising online gambling is lowering the existing taxes on won prizes; present day, the amount is 29%, and will be dropped to 20%. So overall, online playing is getting cheaper for the Dutch players!











Also an important subject for the government to take into account, is the number of people addicted to gambling; by legalising online gambling in Holland, the government can install software to select players who are spending extreme amounts of time on online gambling sites. With the software selection they can develop a nationwide register, managed by the Gambling Authority. Besides that, after regulation, they also have the opportunity to fight criminal actions such as fraud.

A lot of people are against legalising Dutch online gambling sites and have no faith in the system at all. Present day, it is forbidden to promote online gambling in (social) media. Just as in some other countries , when legalising online gambling, you’ll see promotions for online gambling in the media, and at well visited sport games.

So if they will allow this by legalising online gambling, they expect the number of players will rise very fast. Thereby,  there is a  prognosis of an increasing number of players with an addiction in gambling. However, online gambling sites as Euro casino, have a strict policy for players, whereby they’re trying to prevent gambler addictions.

With the opposite advantages and disadvantages it will be difficult to predict if online gambling is going to be legalised in Holland. But, no worries for the Dutch players among us; Eurocasino is a official licensed online gambling site, where every player is guaranteed a safe and fair play!