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Play and win online while experience the ambiance of a real casino!








The Eurocasino live games are so popular because they can be played anywhere, at anytime. Also they give every player a good chance of winning, without ever setting foot in a real casino!

Different games on Eurocasino live casino
Eurocasino live casino offers different games such as blackjack, roulette and baccarat. You can play on different tables with a variety on bet amounts. So if you want to play with a little amount of money, you are just as welcome as any other player; eurocasino live casino offers the same amount of different great games to play for any budget.

Short game explanation
Blackjack; The playing cards with a image are 10 points and the cards with a number (2 t/m 10) have the value of their number. (So a card with a 3 on it, means 3 points). If you have a bait card you can choose for 1 or 11 points yourself. Blackjack is played with open cards. Before the game starts you can place your bet. The dealer shuffles the cards en reaches them clockwise to the players. If you have 21 points, you win the game!

Roulette eurocasino; You can bet on just one number or place a bet on different numbers at the same time. If the dealer spins the wheel and the ball lands on your chosen number, you win your bet!

Baccarat; By playing eurocasino live  online baccarat there are 312 cards in total, divided in 6 stacks of 52 cards. The dealer is pulling out cards, until there are 7 cards or less left. The dealer shuffles the cards and sell them to the player that presents the highest offer. The player on the left side of the dealer can place his bet first, then the next player on the left can make his bet and so on. The goal is to be as close as you can get to 9 points. If you are most close, you are the winner of the game!


Sitting on a ‘real life table’ behind your screen
Maybe you wonder...







how is eurocasino live casino capable of giving you the feeling of playing at a real life table, while you sitting behind your computer screen of smart phone?

Eurocasino live casino offers you this experience by their dealer interaction, graphics and software.

When you play, you have an direct interaction with your dealer. You can chat on your screen to the dealer and he will reply verbally to you. The latest development at Eurocasino live casino games is a voice chat communication, so you don’t even have to type on your screen anymore! A very positive development because your game will continue faster and more smooth.  Live-dealer streams are often placed front at the centre of your screen. You’ll have a full overview on what’s happening on your table; you can see your placed bets, winnings, game limits and timetable.

The digital platforms created by eurocasino live casino offers you a full HD live image, with multiple options for playing your game with the highest real life experiences. For example by the roulette game, you can get a bigger view of the wheel on your screen and even a computer generated betting board!

Also a great advantage by playing Eurocasino live casino games is that they offer you free apps, especially developed for downloading on IOS or Android; as a player you can enjoy your real life experience wherever you are!

Advantages at playing eurocasino live casino games
Playing at Eurocasino live casino games offers you the advantage of having an overview on the screen; you can choose several options like your betting limit, budget and type of players and take a seat at any table you like. And even you can choose your dealer!  Because you’re playing behind your screen, you can even  get a good look on the hands of the dealer while shuffling and presenting the cards to you . So a real live experience and always fair play at eurocasino live casino!

Bonuses at eurocasino live casino games
Only for your registration you’ll be rewarded! Every game offers you a deposit bonus in cash and different amounts of free spins when you start playing your favourite game. For example one of the eurocasino live casino games offers you a 1,200 dollar welcome bonus and 200 free spins on top!


Decided you want  to have a huge win at once? Try one of our eurocasino jackpots!








Our progressive Eurocasino jackpots
Did you ever read or heard in the news that some lucky person has won the Jackpot? Next time it could be you! Our eurocasino jackpots are the progressive jackpots where you can win a huge amount of money.

Every time a player is making a progressive bet by Eurocasino jackpots, we’ll add a little bit of that money to our Eurocasino jackpots. Because of the huge amount of players, our jackpots contain fantastic prices, in reach for every player who take part at the Eurocasino jackpot games. We offer you a diverse selection of eurocasino jackpot games; pick one and try your luck!

How do you play our eurocasino jackpot?
You can choose from many of our offered jackpots by deciding your number of win-lines, the bet you want to make on one line and the total amount of money you’d like to spent. If you get a winning combination of symbols on your roles, you win. The higher the value of the symbols, the higher your win will be. To win a progressive eurocasino jackpots, mostly, you have to spin five symbols or more at a win-line. Or, you can trigger the bonus game on your chosen eurocasino jackpots.

Our eurocasino jackpots are fun and exciting games to play. Didn’t win our jackpot immediately? Don’t worry, the amount of money you can win on our games besides the jackpot, is very rewarding for each player! The free spins, bonuses, wilds and scatters will certainly be helping you by winning.

Tips and tricks
If  you like to win one of our amazing eurocasino jackpots games, start by reading the rules of the game. By some of our games you need your maximum bet to be able to win our jackpot, while other games give you the same chance for a more less bet. But remember one important rule; the higher your bet, the higher your chance of winning our eurocasino jackpots!

When you pick a jackpot game with a very high amount in our jackpot, you can expect it was a while ago that some lucky winner got this jackpot. The high amount attracts a lot of players to the game, but that’s an advantage for you; the more players, the higher the amount and the more chance of winning the eurocasino jackpots by you.

A lot of players use our autoplay; just relax and wait until our eurocasino jackpots makes you a millionaire!









Winning our eurocasino jackpots?

Eurocasino jackpots, everyone wants to win them! And that’s why they are so popular; everyone has the same chance to win them! If you play with a lower or higher bet, if you play every day or once a week, you certainly can win our Eurocasino jackpots! Within one click on your computer or one tab on your smartphone you can become a multimillionaire.

If you open one of our online eurocasino jackpot games, you can see immediately the amount of money that our eurocasino jackpots contain. How longer it take to win the jackpot, the bigger is the amount it contains en your chance to win rises every minute.

Info graphic
The online info graphic offers you an overview of important data for you as a player. You can check out where the big winners are and compare the odds of winning a jackpot.

Overdue jackpots?
Are overdue jackpots really existing of is it just fiction? You may have asked yourself this question sometimes. Probably, you’re familiar with display indicators, telling you which jackpot games are ready for a big hit, or casinos telling you they have an ‘overdue ’ jackpot. These indicators are complete nonsense, but smartly promoted. A lot of players have the wrong idea, about earlier results having a bearing on future results. Casino’s use this wrong idea to trick the player and attract him, by claiming their jackpot will cash out very soon. This wrong idea casinos take advantage of, is also known as the ‘gambler’s fallacy’.

So, regardless how long ago or how high the jackpot’s amount was, reality is that each spin, deal or bet made by a player, has the same chance of winning the progressive jackpot.

One thing that is true, is the main rule; the higher the jackpot, the lower the casino’s advantage. That’s why we offer you information about statistics; you can select the game you like to play on the casino offering the highest amount at their jackpot. You have no guarantee of winning the jackpot, but you know for sure the casino has only the minimum advantage of you as a player. A little peek at our information offered to you;

Since June 2009, they keep track of the most Jackpot wins, current jackpot pool, total wins recorded and the total payout. Out of 66 jackpots tracked, the total payout is XXX dollar!

The current jackpot pool amount present day contains XXX dollar.  There’s a ranking on most paid out jackpots including win time and extra information. The big winner is Mega fortune, followed by the Mega moola game.


Payout policies
When playing progressive jackpot games it’s very important to read the payout policy first. Many casino’s limit their amount of pays in a calendar month. So, often there’s a limit on the amount you as a player can receive  a month. So if you won 10.000 dollar, and the payout policy has a limit of 1000 dollar a month, you’ll have to wait for 10 months to receive your full prize money. Some casino’s see the amount of a progressive jackpot as an exception on their normal pay out limits; these few, will pay your full amount won in a progressive jackpot, immediately. Unfortunately there are only a few casino’s with this exception. Most casinos require you’ll wait for paying out your full won amount.

But don’t worry, if you’re the lucky winner at a progressive jackpot, every casino will pay out a certain amount. So if it’s every week or every month, you will get your full won amount eventually, and in the mean time you can play again with the straight cash you’ve already won!



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Game of Thrones slots

Are you a great fan of Game of thrones? Try our exciting  game of thrones slots right away!






Experience our game of throne slots

Game of thrones..who hasn’t heard of it! There’s a great chance you’ve watched the series on HBO yourself. Also a big fan of game of thrones? Try now our new game of thrones slots and deceive yourself in the world of war and kingdoms, enter one of the four houses and find out what they have to offer you.

Our game of thrones slot contains a 5x3 reel and a 243 ways-to-win game! The game is centred around the four famous houses; House Baratheon with its fury, House Stark which contains the Dire wolves in the cold Northern winter, House Lannister that will always pay his debts and off course House Targaryen with it’s dangerous three-headed dragon.

The graphics and features are offering you a real live game, even while sitting behind your computer. Be careful in this big war of kingdoms, and be a smart player; Rule your kingdom and change history!           

With your free spin you can pick your house of choice. You can get the free spin by activate it trough the three iron throne scatter symbols. So spin the reel and win! And remember...choose carefully; every house contains great bonuses, free spins and great wins!

Game of thrones slot; the four houses and their rewards
House Baratheon offers you to win 8 free spins. The Royal Free spins awards you by uncovering the highest multiplier of the game when the Baratheon high symbol is stacked tree times throughout the reels! This house in the game of thrones slot offers you a 5x multiplier to raise your winning opportunities!

House Lannister awards you with 10 free spins at a 4x multiplier if you can get to the winning Lannister high symbol.

House Starks gives you up to 14 free spins, with a 3x multiplier. All you have to do is getting 5 times the Stark high symbols on your reels. In house Starks it’s going to snow rewards.

Last but not least; the dragons offer you 18 free spins at a 2x multiplier, when you see the Targaryen high symbols on your reels. Play wisely and you can wear the trice-headed dragon coat of arms and rule your empire. Fly with the dragons and collect 18 free spins with a 2x multiplier.









Want to play more?
The game of thrones slots contains an exciting gambling feature to continue your epic adventure within the seven kingdoms. The gambling feature offers you free spins, with a chance on winning 14 extra free spins with a 3x multiplier! Your reels will be decorated with a 5 stack Stark high symbols.

In our game of thrones slots you’ll also find a scatter bonus feature and a gamble trial feature with a lot of free spins. The rare Braavosi-coin will decide on your destiny. The best part of our game of thrones slots is you can trigger every feature over and over again to spread the three symbols of Sprones.

Game of thrones slots; a real live, exciting game with a lot of opportunities to raise your chance of winning. An impressive amount of bonuses and multipliers will help you to become the king of the game of thrones slots.  Be a wise player and play for your kingdom, it will pay you back!



Jurassic World


Beware of the world of dinosaur! Place yourself amongst this dangerous creatures and play this new  Jurassic world slot!

The basics of Jurassic World Slots
Jurassic world slots is a video slot powered by Microgaming software, and is based on the popular Jurassic Park movies. Everybody knows them; the movies with the dinosaur that supposed  to be extinct ages ago.

Most of the main protagonists from the movies, like Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard can appear on a roll. Of course the dinosaurs, like the Dimorphodon, the T-Rex and the Triceratops are present as well in the Jurassic World Slots.

A bit further down on the screen you’ll find the buttons spin, Auto play, and the display  for winnings, placed bets and available credits. The parade of prize types that you can win in Jurasic World slots with the wild bonus and Free Spins, appears beside the screen that plays mini films you’ll recognize from the movies.

The Jurassic world slots has 5 rolls and 243 ways to win.  The minimum bet in Jurassic world slots is 0,3 coins and the maximum bet is 0.3 to 72 coins. There is a jackpot of 3,000 dollar and there are 4 bonus rounds. This slot has a free spins/multiplier of 10-15/1-7. Coin sizes are 0.01 to 0.50.

The slot has a wild symbol, what substitutes all other symbols in the game except scatter. Winning combinations can be made with the Wild symbol . It can appear stacked, up to 10 per reel

Maximize profits
In the online Jurassic world slots, you will find a lot of great features, like a bonus game, wild symbols, scatter symbols and free spins. Raise your chance to win by using the divers multiplier options, and by winning the free spins available to you. Even, if you want to relax a little bit while playing the Jurassic world slot, you can always use the autoplay option.

Jackpot & Bonuses
Jurassic world slots contains a very rewarding jackpot with a value of 3000 credits! Besides that there are other great bonus features.
Indominus Feature: This bonus feature is triggered randomly in the basic game. It pay’s 5 times your stake. When the Indominus Rex appears, you are one lucky person! Your stake can be multiplied by 1000x your stake!
Free Spins: When three scatter symbols appear, it will lead to the free spin feature. The world opens to one of three locations. Depending on the location where you land you can get rewards:

Gyrosphere Valley: you can earn 10 spins for free with a multiplier of 7x!
Creation lab: You get 10 free spins, boosted with rolling reels. It has the potential to win again and again on each free spin. Wilds are also active and will contribute to your rewards!
Raptor Den: Wild scatters can increase winnings regarding your 10 spins, and can get up to 15 free games!
Play the game and find out if you are the lucky winner of the Jurassic world slots jackpot!

Starburst slots

Starburst slots is a game like no other because of its excellent presentation; This on Starburst Wilds based game cashes out 50.000 pond if you’re the lucky winner!








Starburst slots; a real delight to your eyes and ears
This game of Starburst slots with its Net Entertainment software is a really fun and energizing game for every player!  If you’re going to play, you will see a lot of  similarities to the also popular Bejewelled video slot.

The 5 reels  will  enchanting you with it’s beautiful shining diamantes in blue, purple, yellow, orange and green.  and the great soundtrack starburst slot has to offer will help getting you in a relaxed mood; you will forget all your worries for a while, so you’re going to feel like a winner already if you start to play this game.

All starburst slots feature 5-reels with a total of 10 win lines, that could reward you with an amazing 50.000 pounds! Whether your playing online or on your mobile device, your chance of winning is huge in this starburst slot game!.

Coins range is 0.10 – 100.00 pounds. With this minimum amount of 0.10 pounds, you can play for the amazing amount of 100 pond each spin. So the possibility for big wins is just in front of you!


Starburst slot; available to every player
What’s great about starburst slots is  the very big price this game contains, and also the fact this game is  available to any player. A more experienced player will love the amazing visual and relaxing sound effects, and don’t forget to mention the amount of starburst wilds, what this game is all about. For players with less experience, this game also has an easy access; a minimum bet can give you a maximum win because of the generous payouts this game has to offer you. After only a few spins you will realize that starburst slot is the online game that’s going to make you a lucky winner.

Starburst wilds
The game is completely based on Starburst Wilds; that feature is what attracts most players. You’ve got the starburst wild feature if the wilds appear on the 3 middle reels. The other reels will spin again, with the expanding wild held where it was. The starburst wilds can give you up to 3 extra spins.

Besides the diamonds you will find ‘bar’ symbols and ‘7 ‘symbols on your reels. These symbols are the two highest-paying symbols. Make your bet and click on the big green button on the lower part of the interface, to have the reels begin spinning. Also, you can click on ‘max bet’ to start the reels using their maximum number of win lines, and bet lever with the coin lever that is active.

Starburst wins & Jackpot
Starburst slots is offering new and experienced players a good chance at winning the great amount of 50.000 pounds Besides the starburst wilds, you’ll find fun extra bonus rounds to play.  Starburst slots has also a really great jackpot waiting for you with a value of 250 pounds. Are you going to be the lucky winner today? Spin the reels, gather your starburst wilds, and find out now!


Mega Fortune Slots

This online slot machine from Net entertainment is an experience off its own! Deceive yourself in the luxury world of amazing fast cars and expensive Champaign and feel like a millionaire!

Mega fortune slots contains 5 reels with beautiful images radiating wealth and sophistication all over the place! The soundtrack provides  cheerful jazzy sounds that contribute to  a positive relaxing mood. The mega fortune slots game offers you 25 win lines in total. The lower value symbols consist the letters  J, Q, K and A, engraved on nice coloured rings, and the higher value symbols are represented by a brandy/cigar combo, a money clip, a expensive looking watch and a limousine.

Special symbols in the mega fortune slots are the Wheel of fortune, a speedboat and a symbol with champagne and glasses on it.









The Wheel of fortune will give you an extra bonus, the speedboat will offer you a wild, and the champagne and glasses are the scatter symbol.

The bet per win line is 0.01-2.00 and the bet per spin contains 0.01 – 50.00. While the extra features like a bonus game, free spins and a big amount jackpot will attract any experienced player,  mega fortune slots satisfies also as a good slot to begin with if you’ve never played before. The minimum bet is very low against the great progressive jackpots  and bonuses you can win with mega fortune slots. Decide on your bet amount and then press the green button in the middle. As you can see in the image above the game gives you a clear overview at your amount of bets, coins and off course your wins on the right

Bonus features
To get the Wheel of Fortune which contains your bonus, you’ll need 3 or more bonus symbols from the left to the right  on your reels. This bonus is triggered pretty often and is very important because it is also your key to the progressive jackpot of mega fortune slots!

The outer wheel will spin and always award you; you’ll receive a cash price or an arrow to the next inner wheel. The inner wheel provides you another chance at extra cash or offers you an arrow to the Rapid progressive jackpot. The next wheel payout the Rapid progressive jackpot or give you another arrow to play for a greater amount of cash in the Major progressive jackpot. And still, if you don’t win this jackpot, you’re also a lucky player; you will receive the last arrow to reach the ultimate Mega progressive jackpot in this mega fortune slots.

Free spins
If the reel provides you three or more of the champagne and glasses scatter symbols, you’re the lucky one that is rewarded with free spins.

Progressive jackpot
Mega fortune slots contains multiple progressive jackpots, one of the features  that makes this a very popular and exciting slot. They offer you’re the Rapid progressive jackpot, the Major progressive jackpot and the Mega progressive jackpot with an really amazing payout of 10.000 times your bet! So don’t waste any time, make your bet, press to spin and become a winner at this mega fortune slots game.


Blackjack eurocasino

We offer you a great opportunity; you’re invited to play live blackjack at eurocasino!








Advantages of playing online blackjack at eurocasino
Blackjack eurocasino is one of the most popular table games played in a casino. “twenty-one” is another name for the blackjack game en you can choose to play different  variety’s on this game. In playing online blackjack eurocasino offers the social element of playing on a real table.

With our blackjack eurocasino game you can play online blackjack exactly like you would play this game at a real table. Choose a good seat at our blackjack eurocasino table and experience the exciting ambiance we have to offer.

The reason why there are so less differences between playing blackjack at eurocasino at a real table or online, is because the croupiers guide you also online very well. This element brings your online experience as close as it can get to playing in a landing casino.

Thereby, it is easier to try the different variants of blackjack at eurocasino online; all your information about table limits and betting opportunities are offered to you on your screen.

So all together you get by playing blackjack eurocasino online a flexible, ease access, comfort and informal fun experience, anyplace at anytime you like!

What’s blackjack?
Everybody can learn to play blackjack at eurocasino. It’s an exciting game with many options, and you can play with fellow participants that are at an equal level. But it is an easy game to play; you only  need the ability to count till 21. The goal of the game is to come the closest as you can till 21 points, and beware you don’t have 21 points exactly. So 20 or 22 points are your best shot at winning blackjack at eurocasino!

To win the blackjack eurocasino game, you have to beat the bank (croupier) without getting to much points yourself. When you’re over 21 points you lost the game, but are you closest to 21 points, you win the game. You can collect the 21 points by adding up the card values on your table.

If you have an ace card in your hand, the ace always stands for 1 or 11 points. For example; if you have a total of six points and getting the ace card, you have a total of 17 points. But if you have an amount that is already big (comes near 21) the ace holds for only one point. By this rule they prevent a player for going over 21 points in a very short time.; so check the number of points you already have, en choose the number that brings you closest to 21!

Playing blackjack eurocasino online
If you start playing blackjack eurocasino you first select the seat you like, by clicking at one of the available options. Then you select your chip value (see the options below the table) and decide with how many chips you like to place your bet.

When you see the sign of ‘No more bets” every player has placed his bet and the croupier is going to deal the cards.  Count the total number of points on your cards and decide if you like to sort Hit, Stand, Split or Double; if you have made a choice, during the game the dealer will remind you when your chosen option is available.

In the left upper corner on your screen you have an overview of the last 10 hands of the dealer and the winning percentages. Also you can choose your table and see if you may got an invitation to the mini lobby. In the left down corner you get informed about your table, the rules of blackjack eurocasino and game history.

By playing blackjack eurocasino you can win a 100 – 300% bonus, pays out to you within 48 hours. So, what are you waiting for; try our blackjack eurocasino game and test your lucky hand!



Roulette eurocasino

Without a doubt is roulette eurocasino game one of the most popular table games online. The the high chance of winning because of the many bet options in this game, are a pleasant for any player . Choose one of our offered roulette eurocasino game varieties and let the ball roll on your winning number!









Play online roulette eurocasino
If you like to play roulette, you can choose between Auto roulette, European roulette and French roulette. Live roulette eurocasino can be played on your computer or mobile device and we’re even offering you a download version to play. Because we offer you croupiers in different languages, you have always a clear way of communication while playing the game online. So, choose and play!


How to play roulette

Roulette eurocasino is a table game which contains a roulette wheel and a little ball, also called ‘the Bullet’. The wheel has 37 numbers, divided in red and black squares. Only the number zero is placed in a green square. You can place a bet on the numbers and colours of your choice. You predict on which number or colour the bullet shall fall. The croupier spins the wheel en launches the bullet into it. When the wheel stops spinning you can see of the bullet has fallen on the number or colour of your bet!

3 types of roulette eurcasino
As said above, there are 3 types of roulette eurocasino you can play. In auto roulette, almost every aspect of the game is automated. There is no croupier and on your screen you see just the HD live image of the cylinder and the ball. Auto roulette is a great form for players who don’t appreciate all the interactions and edge issues, and just want to play! Another advantage of auto roulette is that everything the game happens much faster; you don’t have to wait on the croupier or other players, so you make your bet, see your result and receive your wins in a very short amount of time.

The difference between European and French roulette
European roulette is an easy game to play, very suitable for players with a little less experience. Most different on this roulette is the placement of bets; as a player, you are allowed to place your bet on the number zero in the green square.

The French roulette rules are almost the same as the European rules, but there are 2 extra rules added; “la Partage’ means, if the bullet lands on the zero number after the spin, you get half of your bet back, without any extra investment on your part. The second rule is called ‘en prison’; after a spin, you can choose yourself if you want to get 50% of your bet back, or leave your full bet choice you made before the spin.

Wins on roulette eurocasino
All three types of roulette, offer a lot of winning chances. They are little risk for the player, because you can win a large amount of money against a low bet. Also, because you can spread your bets (on the different numbers and colours) you can multiply your winning chances! For example in the French roulette game, you have an almost 50% chance of winning!

Because of the high winning opportunities and  fast paying possibilities, are all the roulette eurcasino games fun to play! On top of that, you receive a first deposit bonus; for your registration. So place your bet, let the croupier spin the wheel and win!